Panoro Expands Target Area at Antilla Project and Continues Success With Infill Drilling Highlighted By 96 M of 0.72% Copper and 0.029% Molybdenum

October 8, 2008

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA and LIMA, PERU–(Marketwire – Oct. 8, 2008) – Panoro Minerals Ltd. (TSX VENTURE:PML)(BVL:PML)(FRANKFURT:PZM)(WKN:914959) (“the Company”) is pleased to announce that its exploration program at its 100% owned Antilla Project in Peru continues its success in delineating and expanding the target area of copper and molybdenum mineralization.

The Company has received assay results from additional drillholes of the Antilla advanced stage exploration project. The locations of these holes are shown at the Company’s website at the following link, http://www.panoro.com/s/ MapsandPhotos_Antilla.asp?ReportID=322037&_Title=Antilla-Eastblock. —————————————————————– ________________From________ To______Width____ Copper__Molybdenum Drillhole____(metres)__ (metres)__ (metres)________(%)________ (%) —————————————————————– ANT-34____________60________ 82________ 22______ 0.55______ 0.038 —————————————————————– ANT-35____________38________ 52________ 14______ 0.36______ 0.001 —————————————————————– ANT-36____________30________ 54________ 24______ 0.54______ 0.017 —————————————————————– __________________62________142________ 80______ 0.52______ 0.001 ____________—————————————————– ANT-37______ Incl.66________ 94________ 28______ 0.62______ 0.001 ____________—————————————————– ____________Incl.118________142________ 24______ 0.67______ 0.001 —————————————————————– __________________34________130________ 96______ 0.72______ 0.029 ____________—————————————————– ANT-38______ Incl.34________112________ 78______ 0.80______ 0.029 ____________—————————————————– ____________Incl.122________130__________8______ 0.63______ 0.037 —————————————————————– __________________ 2________ 82________ 80______ 0.55______ 0.002 ____________—————————————————– ANT-39________Incl.6________ 26________ 20______ 0.60______ 0.001 ____________—————————————————– ____________ Incl.36________ 82________ 46______ 0.61______ 0.002 —————————————————————– __________________14________ 84________ 70______ 0.48______ 0.008 ____________—————————————————– ____________ Incl.14________ 36________ 22______ 0.62______ 0.005 ANT-40______—————————————————– ____________ Incl.56________ 70________ 14______ 0.68______ 0.013 ____________—————————————————– ____________ Incl.76________ 84__________8______ 0.58______ 0.018 —————————————————————– __________________58________149________ 91______ 0.56______ 0.013 ____________—————————————————– ANT-41______ Incl.74________149________ 75______ 0.60______ 0.014 ____________—————————————————– ____________Incl.114________149________ 35______ 0.73______ 0.018 —————————————————————– __________________34________ 44________ 10______ 0.68______ 0.004 ANT-42______—————————————————– ________________ 114________121__________7______ 0.53______ 0.002 —————————————————————– ANT-43____________44________ 64________ 20______ 0.63______ 0.011 —————————————————————– __________________28________ 36__________8______ 1.10______ 0.008 ____________—————————————————– ANT-44____________70________ 90________ 20______ 0.56______ 0.009 ____________—————————————————– ________________ 112________119__________7______ 0.34______ 0.059 —————————————————————– __________________86________114________ 28______ 0.35______ 0.014 ANT-47______—————————————————– ________________ 138________148________ 10______ 0.33______ 0.012 —————————————————————– ________________ 150________182________ 32______ 0.41______ 0.016 ANT-50______—————————————————– ____________Incl.168________174__________6______ 0.71______ 0.024 —————————————————————– __________________66________ 82________ 16______ 0.56______ 0.016 ANT-51______—————————————————– __________________88________ 98________ 10______ 0.54______ 0.019 —————————————————————– ANT-54__________ 136________156________ 20______ 0.64______ 0.021 —————————————————————–

Drillhole ANT-53 intersected mineralization below 0.30% copper confirming the boundary of the East Block target area to the south.

The drillhole intersections listed in the above table and in earlier news releases have been selected to contain assays for 2 metre samples of at least 0.3% copper. No economic consideration is implied at this time and while the remaining lengths of drillholes still contain wide sections of copper mineralization in the 0.1% to 0.29% range, the current “cut off criterion” has been selected on a preliminary basis only to compare more directly with the selection made by SRK Consulting (SRK) in their earlier projections. (See below.)

All drillholes are part of the infill drilling program at the East Block target area except ANT-41 and ANT-43 which are located outside the target area to the northwest side of the East Block. The assay results from these drillholes indicate the supergene enriched zone is open to the northwest. Additional drillholes are being programmed to target the potential further extension of the supergene enriched zone in this direction. The extension of the supergene enriched zone together with the presence of molybdenum mineralization indicate the possibility of increasing the global geologic potential of the East Block.

Additionally, a review of the core samples of the infill drillholes completed to date suggest the presence of primary porphyry copper mineralization at depth in the northwest area of the East Block. A deep exploration drillhole is currently underway to investigate this possibility.

The current drilling program is being carried out to provide sufficient information to allow estimation of tonnage and grade for a National Instrument 43-101 compliant resource category. This estimate will incorporate economic considerations at specified copper and molybdenum price assumptions. The current estimate represents a global geological potential as projected by SRK, see report at: http://www.panoro.com/i/pdf/PanoroApurimac43-101.pdf.

The global estimate of the geological potential of the East Block based on seven historic drill holes in the enriched chalcocite blanket of approximately 135 million tonnes (MT), with a 90% probability containing a copper grade of between 0.61% and 0.75%, whereby all copper assays greater than 1.5% were trimmed back to 1.5% copper. The presence of a potentially underlying porphyry system remains to be tested as well as a similar but separate supergene target to the west.

The reader is cautioned that the potential quantity and grade of Exploration Target as described in this release is conceptual in nature, that there has been insufficient exploration to date to define a mineral resource and that it is uncertain if further exploration will result in the target being delineated as a mineral resource.

The results of the Antilla exploration program are encouraging. The company is financed for its current programs and is well positioned to advance its projects through these turbulent economic times.

All drilling was carried out by Bradley MDH S.A. and all assay samples are being tested by ALS-Chemex laboratory in Lima, Peru. Fred Tejada, P.Geo., is the Company’s VP-Exploration and the Qualified Person for this project.

On behalf of the Board of Panoro Minerals Ltd.

Luquman Shaheen, M.B.A., P.Eng., P.E., President, CEO and Director


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