October 8, 2008

Hydrodec Opens Sustainable Transformer Oil Refinery in Ohio

Hydrodec has opened a sustainable transformer oil refinery in Canton, Ohio, where it will produce Superfine, the sustainable and reusable transformer oil.

The eight million gallon-per-year capacity plant will recycle spent transformer oil and convert it into new Superfine transformer oil which can be used by utilities across the US, saving them money, reducing emissions and decreasing reliance on imported oil. The 22,000sqft plant will initially provide up to 35 jobs.

John Cowan, president of Hydrodec North America, said: "We estimate that each year more than 400 million pounds of CO2 are generated from the secondary use of used transformer oil. With Superfine oil, Hydrodec hopes to get that number down to zero. Best of all, in the process, we help utilities save money, help increase our energy independence and create jobs here in Canton."