October 8, 2008

ABS-CBN International Taps TBC Integration, Inc. For Video System Upgrade

TBC Integration, Inc. - a leading equipment distributor and integrator of satellite video networks and subscriber management systems - has been selected by ABS-CBN International, the U.S.-based subsidiary of ABS-CBN Broadcasting, the Philippines' largest entertainment and broadcasting company, to provide a new turnkey video system. TBC Integration will supply a state-of-the-art MPEG-4/H.264 video encoding, multiplexing, control, and transmission platform.

The new system allows ABS-CBN International to substantially boost video picture quality on its contribution channels delivered from Manila to North America - without having to increase its leased fiber bandwidth. TBC Integration will install the system in Manila, and replace ABS-CBNi's current MPEG-2 system with MPEG-4/H.264 encoding technology that can deliver better than 50% efficiency compared to MPEG-2 systems. ABS-CBN International also gains the flexibility to add new channels within its existing bandwidth.

"Since 1994, when TFC (The Filipino Channel) was launched, we have grown from one to eleven channels, and expanded the distribution and viewership of our programming for cable and satellite affiliates, including DIRECTV and Comcast in North America, as well as distribution to other countries," said Olivia Finina De Jesus, managing director of ABS-CBN International. "This solution from TBC Integration lets us increase video quality, or add channels, or both - without increasing our fiber and satellite bandwidth expenses."

De Jesus added, "We chose TBC Integration to help us evaluate and migrate to next-generation video technology because of their expertise in designing and delivering turnkey MPEG-4 systems, and their track-record in supplying us with quality product, service, and support in the past."

Sean Busby, Executive Vice President of TBC Integration, said, "We are thrilled that ABS-CBN International, a leader in media and broadcasting, selected us for this system rollout. This is a great example of the benefits our broadcast customers around the world like ABS-CBN can gain from the MPEG-4 video compression and DVB-S2 satellite modulation technologies available in many of the products TBC Integration is shipping and installing today.

"The superior picture quality and excellent operator control of the Thomson ViBE encoder system was also a key ingredient in making our design a success for this implementation," added Busby. TBC Integration's solution includes Thomson's ViBE EM 2000 SD MPEG-4 encoders, NetProcessor 9030 transport stream processor, XMS(TM) eXtensible Management System, and XMU eXtensible Management Unit for control and management.

Extensive and easy to use management, monitoring, and control features in the design allow ABS-CBN to dynamically reconfigure program bit-rates and route signals to a satellite backup link in the event of a redundant fiber network disaster. A satellite-backup sub-system uses the latest in satellite DVB-S2 modulation technology for improved spectral efficiency.

ABS-CBN International (www.abs-cbnglobal.com) was established in 1994 to be of service to the Filipino worldwide. With the launch of its flagship brand, The Filipino Channel (TFC), the company became the first and most successful Filipino broadcaster in the United States. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, it is the largest business subsidiary of ABS-CBN, the Philippines' leading broadcasting company.

TBC Integration, Inc. (http://www.tbcintegration.com) is a leading integrator of digital video and content security systems, specializing in leading-edge turnkey solutions for live, store-and-forward, MPEG-4/AVC, and DVB-S2 satellite and broadcast networks. Founded in 2002, TBC Integration is a top distributor of major-brand equipment and systems including: video encoders, multiplexers, satellite receivers, uplinks, antennas, modulators, upconverters, HPAs, set-tops, satellite IP routers, Subscriber Management Systems (SMS), Conditional Access/Encryption, and Smart Cards. TBC Integration is the #1 U.S. dealer for Scopus Video Networks (NASDAQ: SCOP), and a premier system integrator for Irdeto content security solutions. Digital Glue (http://www.digitalglue.com), a division of TBC Integration, provides consulting and rapid software development, specializing in content management and store-and-forward infrastructure.