October 8, 2008

Bipartisan Survey Finds Overwhelming Support for The Pickens Plan

A national survey of more than 1,000 likely voters released by The Tarrance Group and Lake Research Partners found overwhelming support for the Pickens Plan. After hearing a brief description of the Plan, 84% of respondents favored its approach to cut down oil imports from their current 70% level.

The likely voters surveyed also expressed a strong belief that the nation is facing an energy crisis. Fully 92 percent of those surveyed believe we are already in, or are heading into, an energy crisis.

But, those surveyed were skeptical of Congress or the new Administration in Washington to pass legislation supporting the plan next year. About 50% said that they had "very little confidence" or "no confidence at all" to get that done.

"As Americans watched and listened attentively to the discussion between the candidates last night, they heard a lot of talk about energy, but no real specifics and no real plan from either candidate on their plans even though energy is one of the top issues facing our country and American voters are clearly concerned," said T. Boone Pickens. "This survey shows that Americans know that we have a major problem and believe that the Pickens Plan is the only plan on the table to control our energy future."

The Pickens Plan would reduce foreign oil dependency, which is currently 70 percent of the United States' imports by more than one-third. Much of this oil is acquired from some of the most volatile countries in the world, putting our national security and economic security at risk. The Pickens Plan calls for investing in power generation from domestic renewable resources such as wind and using our abundant supplies of natural gas as a transportation fuel in heavy-duty fleets, replacing more than one-third of our imported oil, saving more than $230 billion a year.

Pickens pointed out that the bi-partisan survey of likely voters, "shows a belief that the lack of leadership in Washington will prevent this, or any other plan from succeeding. I have over 875,000 members of the New Energy Army which will grow to over one million members by the time the 111th Congress meets next January. I am going to bring that level of political pressure to bear on the new Congress and the new Administration to enact the first real energy policy in over 40 years."

The survey, conducted from September 28, 2008 through October 2, 2008, underscores the growing national concern about the energy crisis and a remarkably high level of confidence in the Pickens Plan as a viable solution. The survey highlights the following:

-- A full 65% of likely voters believe that the United States is in an energy crisis now and an additional 27% of likely voters believe that there is an energy crisis looming in the future. A mere 1% of likely electorate voters think that the U.S. has no energy problems.

-- In an initial brief description of the Pickens Plan, the plan enjoys majority support of 55%, including 32% who "strongly" support it. Just 10% of the likely electorate opposed this proposal while 34% are unsure.

-- After a more descriptive explanation of the Pickens Plan, including the cost of $700 billion in foreign oil, an overwhelming majority 84% of the likely voters favors this plan, including a solid majority 59% of "strong supporters." The plan enjoys at least 75% support among every major demographic group.

-- A majority of the likely voters is highly skeptical of the ability of national leaders in Washington to pass legislation supporting the Pickens Plan. Only 7% of the likely voters have a great deal of confidence in the ability of national leaders to take action.

"We cannot wait any longer. Americans are very aware that we must have energy independence and that we need to take a stand against foreign oil. The Pickens Plan is a clear solution well-received by likely voters. Our elected leaders should recognize this tremendous support and move quickly to address their constituents concerns."

These key findings are based on telephone interviews with more than 1,000 likely voters nationwide. Responses to this survey were gathered September 28-October 2, 2008 and the margin of error associated with a sample of this type is + 3.1%.

More Than 50,000 Americans Participate in Debate e-Rally Hosted by Pickens and Sierra Club Executive Director Carl Pope on Energy Issues

With more than 50,000 Americans participating, Pickens and Carl Pope, Sierra Club Executive Director hosted one of the largest ever online rallies of Americans concerned about their energy future during Tuesday night's second Presidential Debate between U.S. Senators Barack Obama and John McCain. Together they discussed the candidates' debate responses on the critical energy issues, took live questions, and gave participants a chance to say what they can do to push their political leaders to action.

"The level of engagement and understanding of these issues among Americans is significant," said Pickens. "I will present the more than 15,000 questions and comments of the e-Rally participants within the next 48 hours to both Senator McCain's and Senator Obama's campaigns. Both candidates need to know that this is an issue of deep concern to the American people that needs action from either of their Administration's and the new Congress."

More than 875,000 people have joined the Pickens Army through the website, which has had over 9,500,000 hits. There is more information on the Pickens Plan, the full survey results and a replay of the e-Rally available on the website www.pickensplan.com.