October 8, 2008

Passengers, Belt Up

THE recent incident involving Qantas airlines and clear-air turbulence, which injured many passengers over Australia, should be a wake-up call to all air travellers.

I guess many passengers did not have their seatbelts fastened. As a former air traffic controller , I flew with many airlines and on one occasion experienced the impact of sudden clear-air turbulence, when the aircraft dropped several thousand feet without warning. Since that time, I have always ensured that my seatbelt was loosely fastened throughout the flight.

Flying is safe and enjoyable but I bet there are a few bruised and battered passengers who wish they had taken the advice of the cabin crew and kept their belts fastened lightly throughout the flight. It really is worth it.

Iain J McConnell, Speedybank, Gifford, East Lothian.

Originally published by Newsquest Media Group.

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