October 9, 2008

Georgia Starts Mine-Clearing After Russian Troops’ Withdrawal – TV

Text of report by private Georgian Imedi TV on 9 October

Mine-clearing works began today in villages where the [Russian] occupiers had been stationed until yesterday. Displaced local residents are advised to refrain from returning home until the entire territory of Gori and Kareli [districts, around South Ossetia] is checked. The mine-clearing works are expected to take three days. Persons displaced by Russia's aggression will be able to leave temporary housing shelters and return to their homes only after the mine-clearing works are completed.

In parallel with Shida Kartli [province which de jure includes most of South Ossetia], mine-clearing efforts are under way in villages in Tsalenjikha, Chkhorotsqu and Zugdidi Districts which the Russian occupiers left yesterday. Alongside mine-clearing works, 14 vacated checkpoints on the administrative border [with Abkhazia] will be inspected.

Originally published by Imedi TV, Tbilisi, in Georgian 0700 9 Oct 08.

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