October 9, 2008

Iranian President in Khorasan-Razavi Province on 10 October to Open Projects

Text of report by Iranian state-run provincial TV from Khorasan on 8 October

The president [Mahmud Ahmadinezhad] will visit Khorasan-Razavi Province on Friday 19 Mehr [10 October] to open a number of important energy and industrial projects there. [Ahmadinezhad and his cabinet ministers are currently in North-Khorasan Province on a provincial visit. They arrived in the province on 8 October]

[Khorasan-Razavi Governor-General Mohammadizadeh; identified by caption - recording] A number of important major projects will open in the province during the visit. Over 700bn tumans [over 700m dollars] have been spent on these projects which are in the fields of energy and industry.

The 950-MW Ferdowsi power plant will begin operation in Mashhad. This is going to be one of the biggest power plants in the country which will become operational thanks to the participation of the private sector. A sum of over 400bn tumans has been spent on this power plant and, Go be praised, the entire project has been successfully completed thanks to the capabilities of Iranian experts.

We also have the opening of a transfer line for 400 kv of electricity to Sarakhs and then from there to Turkmenistan. The aim of the project is to transfer electricity from the Islamic Republic of Iran to the neighbouring country.

A station for the distribution of high-pressure electricity as well as a high-pressure line will become operational in Sabzevar. The wind-powered plants in Binalud will also become operational.

Another part of the [president's] visit will be allocated to the opening of an industrial cluster in the heart of which is a car which will reach the production stage in cooperation with China called: Cherry. The car will be manufactured in Holy Mashhad. Last year the Suzuki and Vitara cars reached the production stage and this year, God be praised, the Cherry car will reach the production stage. Besides the inauguration of this car manufacturing plant, we will have five or six other significant plants which will be producing car parts. Over 100bn tumans have been invested in those projects. This is another industrial cluster in which Iran Khodro [major car producer in the country] has a small share, but most of the shares belong to the private sector.

Originally published by Vision of the Islamic Republic of Iran Khorasan Provincial TV, Mashhad, in Persian 1315 8 Oct 08.

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