October 9, 2008

First Passenger Flight Lands in Somali Capital

Excerpt from report by Somalia's private commercial Radio Shabeelle on 9 October

[Presenter] A passenger flight has landed in Mogadishu's Adan Adde International Airport a short while ago as the airport has been closed for more than 20 days now following the ban by Al-Shabab. Aweys Haji Nur has more details.

[Nur] The passenger plane belonging to Juba Airways is carrying deportees from Saudi Arabia and has just landed at Mogadishu's Adan Adde International Airport as confirmed by sources. Ever since the 16th of September 2008 when Al-Shabab banned flights from the airport, there has been no passenger or private flights in the airport except for African Union Mission in Somalia [AMISOM] flights and those of the Transitional Federal Government of Somalia. A cargo plane owned in Somalia first landed at the airport from Gaalkacyo shortly after the ban resulting Al-Shabab attacking the airport with mortars. In retaliation, mortars were fired in their positions resulting in heavy civilian casualties. [Passage omitted-Background

Originally published by Radio Shabeelle, Mogadishu in Somali 0500 9 Oct 08.

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