October 9, 2008

Novan Solar System Chosen for New Colorado Springs Recreation Center

Novan Solar Inc. of Golden, Colorado was chosen for the design and installation of a 68-panel solar thermal system for pool heating at the new University of Colorado at Colorado Springs Recreation Center. It will be installed in the fall of 2008.

The brand new $12 million dollar Campus Recreation Center features a swimming pool, aerobic and fitness rooms, an indoor running track, a basketball court, and two gyms inside. Students voted to tax themselves $5 a student per semester for five years to install solar energy on the campus. The system continues the university's commitment to sustainability and reduced operational costs, along with helping the new construction's LEED-silver certification.

The Novan solar system will generate nearly 9,000 therms (the equivalent of 270 MWh) of energy every year. More than sixty metric tons of carbon dioxide (green house gases) will be offset by the UCCS system each year -- which is the equivalent of carbon sequestered annually by 12 acres of pine and fir forests, or the greenhouse gas emissions avoided by recycling 16 tons of waste instead of sending it to the landfill.

"The UCCS solar pool heating project illustrates one of the best applications for solar thermal today," Novan founder and president, Jacob Futro, stated. "Over the course of the system's 30+ year life, it will have paid for itself 2-3 times over."

Novan also designed and built a 144-panel solar water heating system for the North Boulder Recreation Center in Boulder, Colorado; a 70-panel system for the new Erie, Colorado Recreation Center; a 63-panel system for the new Aquaplex Recreation Center in Flagstaff, Arizona, and will be installing a 64-panel system for the Durango, Colorado Recreation Center.

In addition, Novan was recently chosen to provide the Hyatt Regency Resort of Scottsdale, Arizona one of the largest solar hot water (SHW) systems ever built in the U.S., and will also be installing this year a 73-panel for the new Andaluz hotel renovation in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Novan has other solar projects planned for Colorado and Arizona.

Novan Solar Inc. is the largest solar thermal company in Colorado and the Southwest. Novan specializes in turnkey solutions for large-scale commercial and industrial water heating needs in addition to supplying systems for residences.