October 9, 2008

New Acrylic Hybrid With Low VOCs Highlighted at PRA Wood Coatings Congress

Dr. Anne Koller, senior chemist, Paint and Coatings Materials, European Region, for global specialty materials company Rohm and Haas (NYSE:ROH), will present information on Rohm and Haas's new environmentally advanced waterborne acrylic binder technology at the PRA Wood Coatings Congress to be held in Amsterdam, 14-15 October, 2008. www.praworld.com/conferences/woodcoatings6/programme.htm

Dr. Koller's presentation, entitled: "Specially Engineered Acrylic Hybrids: A New Technology Platform for Low VOC Decorative Coatings," will discuss the company's innovative Hydrotech(TM) platform -- a unique, new, waterborne acrylic hybrid polymer dispersion that allows paint manufacturers to formulate high-performance, more sustainable semi- and high-gloss interior and exterior trim paints formulated for wood. The new technology is in full compliance with the 2010 limits of the European Union's regulations on volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

The theme of this 6th International Wood Coatings Congress -- "Preserve, Protect, Prolong" -- establishes an ideal forum for the company's new Hydrotech(TM) platform according to Dr. Koller. "Rohm and Haas has over a half-century of experience providing water-borne acrylic binders for formulated paints and coatings destined to protect wooden substrates, both inside and outside the home," says Dr. Koller. "We are presenting at the PRA Congress because we want to share with those attending both our new platform -- Hydrotech(TM) -- and our long-standing expertise in developing wood coatings products that demonstrate reductions in the environmental impact of these paints and coatings."

According to Dr. Koller, Hydrotech(TM) technology contributes to a high gloss with very good flow and leveling, along with a breakthrough in open time for a water-based product. Paints formulated with this technology have good hardness development and are resistant to UV light and weather, while containing low levels of VOCs. The low emissions from these formulations also contribute to better results for indoor paint use.

"Most importantly, Hydrotech(TM) is compliant with the 2010 limits of the EU Directive for restricting VOC emissions in decorative paints, the first phase of which took effect in January, 2007," Dr. Koller says. "Even tighter restrictions will initiate in the year 2010 when VOC content for glossy interior paint must drop from to 150 to 130 grams per liter for water borne paints and from 400 to 300 grams per liter for solvent borne paints." The EU estimates that the stricter regulation will remove 280,000 metric tons of VOC emissions annually in 15 member states alone."

"Despite tightening VOC regulations, solvent-based alkyds remain popular in Europe because of certain properties, such as extended open times, superb flow and leveling, and high potential gloss," points out Dr. Koller. "However, some disadvantages in terms of the performance of the solvent-based alkyds make them less appealing, and a Hydrotech(TM) binder can provide an overall better balance of properties."

"Hydrotech(TM) superior application properties come from the polymer design," she concludes. "Hydrotech(TM) contributes to paints staying liquid for a longer time, in some cases up to three times longer than paints based on classic water-borne dispersions, allowing for retouching and minimizing unsightly brush marks."

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