October 9, 2008

Georgia Resumed Electricity Imports From Russia

TBILISI. Oct 9 (Interfax) - Georgia resumed the import of electricity from Russia via the LEP-220 Salkhino power supply line running through Abkhazia under the existing power exchange deal between the Russian and Georgian generating systems.

At present, Georgia is importing 1 million kilowatt-hours per day.

"Simultaneously, it continues to export electricity to Russia along the LEP-500 Kavkasioni power line to the amount of 3.5 million of kilowatt-hours per day," a spokesman for Georgia's Electricity System Commercial Operator (ESCO) has told Interfax.

Under the deal, more than 30 million kilowatt-hours has been exported to Russia along the Kavkasioni line since the beginning of September and the entire volume exported to Russia since spring totals around 150 million kilowatt-hours, the whole of which will be returned to Georgia during the winter season.

Georgia and Russia have an agreement on electricity exchange: Georgia imports electricity during the autumn-winter season and returns the same volume during spring and summer.

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