October 10, 2008

TEP Criticizes City of Tucson’s Release of Faulty Report on Electrocution

Tucson Electric Power Company (TEP) today criticized as irresponsible the City of Tucson's release of a consultant's report concerning the electrocution of Deshun Glover at Reid Park on July 25, 2008. According to TEP, that report contained factual errors that may have contributed to incorrect or unsubstantiated conclusions made by the City's consultant, George J. Hogge.

"We just received the consultant's report, and based on our first glance we found significant errors that likely affected the findings," said Thomas A. McKenna, TEP's vice president of Engineering.

Steven W. Lynn, TEP's vice president of Communications and Government Relations, expressed disappointment that the City of Tucson would release the report in spite of being alerted to the errors in fact. "Before the report was released, we made sure City officials were aware of the mistakes, and how those mistakes may have impacted the conclusions. They chose to release the report knowing full well it contained errors, and that's simply irresponsible."

Lynn said TEP would be able to elaborate on its analysis of the report and the factual errors after the review process is completed.

Tucson Electric Power is a subsidiary of UniSource Energy Corporation (NYSE: UNS).