October 10, 2008

GOL Launches New Class on VARIG and Enhances In-Flight Service on Domestic Routes

SAO PAULO, Brazil, Oct. 10 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- GOL Linhas Aereas Inteligentes S.A. (Bovespa: GOLL4 and NYSE: GOL), Brazil's low-cost airline company, announces it is launching a new "Comfort Class" on VARIG's medium- haul international flights.

Beginning October 16, 2008, flights from Rio de Janeiro (Tom Jobim-Galeao) and Sao Paulo (Guarulhos) to Bogota, Caracas and Santiago served by VARIG's Boeing 737-800 Next Generation aircraft will offer the new Comfort Class, which provides passengers with a number of important benefits, including more legroom between seats, increased privacy, a 25 percent bonus to accumulated SMILES miles, additional meal choices and on-demand entertainment during the flight.

"The Comfort Class aims to not only increase our passengers comfort during the flight but throughout their entire trip," says Tarcisio Gargioni, GOL's vice president - marketing and services.

Comfort Class passengers will also have access to an exclusive check-in desk and priority boarding. Passengers' luggage, which has an extra ten kilo allowance, will also be the first loaded to the aircraft's cargo bay. Additionally, Comfort Class customers can wait for their flight in the Company's International SMILES VIP lounges in Brazil (Guarulhos and Tom Jobim- Galeao airports) or in partner airlines' VIP lounges including Avianca's Bogota lounge, American Airlines' Caracas lounge, and Lan Airlines' Santiago lounge.

Once onboard, service in the Comfort Class includes an advanced system of individual on board entertainment: the Portable Entertainment Appliance (PEA). Through an easy-to-use touch screen, the PEA offers digital images and sound, providing customers with an interactive electronic system where they can view feature films, variety programs, sitcoms, cartoons, video clips and a wide range of music and games.

Comfort Class also provides customers with increased meal options, allowing passengers to choose between hot meals from a wide variety of international cuisines or lighter meals prepared with the health-conscience traveler in mind. The service also includes wine, beer and a variety of other beverages.

"In addition, the cabin crew will provide passengers with portable foot massage units and anti-stress balls during the flight," adds Gargioni. "Through the addition of the Comfort Class, we are aiming to make VARIG the first choice for medium-haul flights in South America."

Comfort Class tickets are available for purchase on VARIG's website (http://www.varig.com/).

Domestic market

GOL has also enhanced its in-flight service offering on domestic flights. Beginning October 19, the Company will provide customers with a variety of snacks, beverages and candy on shorter flights. On trips exceeding two hours, the Company will offer sandwiches or snacks as well as beverages and candy.

"GOL will continue operating on its low-cost management platform and offering lower fares, but will provide customers with a variety of new services," says Gargioni. "We are adding additional amenities to our in-flight service in response to company-sponsored customer research but are always working to maintain the low-cost structure the Company was founded on."

To develop the new service offerings, GOL analyzed departure and arrival times, market profiles, supply bases and catering logistics. The result is a product that maintains the same unit cost per passenger but is tailored to each route and connection.

"Our customer will rarely find the same snack on-board our aircraft, including those with multiple connections," adds Gargioni.

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