October 10, 2008

Air France to Suspend London-Los Angeles Service

Air France has announced that it will suspend its service from the London Heathrow Airport to Los Angeles, US from the 2008-09 winter schedule.

The resources thus freed up due to the suspended service will be used to reinforce the London Heathrow-New York John F Kennedy service with flights increased from two to three flights a day for the summer 2009 schedule, two operated by Delta and one by Air France.

Concurrently, the four SkyTeam airlines consisting of Air France, Delta, KLM and Northwest, have decided to further enhance their trans-Atlantic services on departure from London on their US hubs, given the present economic and financial crisis.

Additionally, the trans-Atlantic services of the four airlines are being supplemented by flights to and from Delta's Atlanta hub, Northwest's Detroit and Minneapolis hubs, as well as Seattle, the gateway to the US West Coast.