October 10, 2008

GOL Extends Smiles Frequent Flyer Program to All Customers

Brazilian airline GOL Linhas Aereas Inteligentes has announced that customers flying on both Varig and GOL will be able to accumulate miles through the Smiles frequent flyer program, beginning October 16, 2008.

Miles are accumulated by purchasing GOL or Varig airline tickets or purchasing products or services from the program's nearly 115 non-air business partners in Brazil and abroad.

Beginning November 16, 2008, miles can be exchanged for tickets to all GOL and Varig destinations based on the program's guidelines. As customers accumulate miles they will become eligible for additional benefits and privileges, including membership-level upgrades and bonus miles, exclusive service center and check-in counters, extra baggage allowances and access to VIP airport lounges.

Tarcisio Gargioni, vice president of marketing and services at GOL, said: "Expanding the Smiles program to include GOL flights is a significant step towards our goal of offering our customers additional services to strengthen our relationship with them."