October 10, 2008

Rebuttal: Dominion AIDS Energy Choices

Re "Utilities' green initiative fails consumers," op-ed, Oct. 1:

Dominion supports giving Virginia's consumers the opportunity to buy green energy. Unfortunately, a recent op-ed column misinterpreted some of the provisions of Dominion's renewable energy proposal now pending before the Virginia State Corporation Commission. Please permit me to correct some of these inaccuracies and misinterpretations.

Of course, no utility can direct the flow of electricity from a specific source to a specific customer. That's just basic physics. However, we can and will ensure that the amount of renewable energy supported by our customers will be generated and delivered to the electrical grid.

The renewable energy purchased through this program will be above and beyond what Dominion otherwise produces, so this will be additional generation of renewable power. These purchases will be certified by an independent organization. Renewable energy sold through our program will meet the definition of renewable energy under Virginia statutes and will meet the standards of the certifying organization.

Customers will have the ability to choose whether to participate and to what extent. The program is entirely voluntary.

Under Virginia law, customers or entrepreneurs will still be able to install renewable generation and sell the power to the grid. Individuals also will be free to purchase renewable certificates from other sources in the marketplace.

Dominion will not make a profit but will be reimbursed only for the costs of buying the energy and administering the program, using the support of an outside vendor.

Dominion endorses programs like this one as part of our overall commitment to renewable energy and conservation. Both are important components of our plan to ensure that there is ample supply of safe, reliable and affordable electricity to meet our customers' needs now and in the future. We look forward to working with the State Corporation Commission to bring this "green power" proposal to fruition.

David A. Heacock


Dominion Virginia Power


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