October 12, 2008

I Need Help to Solve Plasma Problem ; DIY Donny

By Donny Sheridan

Q I need advice on what bracket to use to hang a 32in flat- screen TV.

A A bracket is only as strong as the fixings and wall it is mounted on to. If you have a solid brick wall then you will be fine. If you have a timber stud wall with plasterboard, think about strengthening the frame by adding additional studs. A goodquality bracket is Unicol, pounds 150 from Highlands and Islands Audio Visual, call 0141 946 7300.

Q We have a large basement with four rooms and would love to convert it to a liveable space rather than a glorified junk room. How should we go about this and are there any companies in Scotland who specialise in it?

A An architect will draw up plans which should be submitted to your council's building control department.

Once you have the relevant permission to start work you can contact building contractors for quotes. A specialist company - such as Wise Property Care will waterproof the basement, essential if you are going to use it as a room. Call them on 0141 8760300.

Q We have just had our front vestibule and step tiled with porcelain tiles but have been given conflicting advice on whether the tiles need to be sealed. What is your advice and if they do need sealed what is the best product to use?

A You should not need to seal good quality porcelain but polished or Chinese porcelain is slightly more porous.

You can apply porcelain sealer which prevents moisture from getting into the tiles but take care not to damage the surface. Try Cosmos ceramics on 0141 420 1122 for sealant information.

Q I feel my living room is too dark since I built on a conservatory.

Do you have idea how I can brighten it up?

A If you live in a bungalow you could install a Velux sun tunnel or apply for planning permission to add an extra window to your side external wall.

Q Are there any products that I can use on my uPVC windows to ward off spiders? I clean my sills and surrounds every two to three days and they are always covered in webs.

A All I can suggest is that you remove any hanging vegetation that may be nearby. Spiders will always make webs around the corners of windows.

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