October 12, 2008

Russian Gazprom to Produce Gas in Kyrgyzstan

Excerpt from report by state-owned Kyrgyz Television 1 on 9 October

Kyrgyzstan and Russia have been cooperating in all spheres for many years. However, they have just started developing cooperation in some spheres. In particular, they signed agreements on developing gas and oil production and launched cooperation in this sphere.

[Correspondent] The Gazprom company is one of oil and gas producing giants in the world. It accounts for 8 per cent of the overall production in Russia and one-fifth of the country's budget [revenues]. Specialists at the major dispatcher centre in Moscow control the entire process from gas wells to delivering gas to consumers. This united gas-supplying system was launched in 1973. The full length of gas pipelines belonging to the company is 150,000 km now.

[Aleksandr Gusev, deputy head of the Gazprom's dispatcher centre] This system is unique. I think that it is the only such system in the world.

[Correspondent] This system has a prospective of developing cooperation between Russia and the gas producing states of Central Asia. Kyrgyzstan will also join the countries soon. Particularly, Prime Minister Igor Chudinov on 20 February 2008 gave the head of the Gazprom company, Aleksey Miller, a license for conducting prospecting and extracting gas in the south of the country at the Kukart and Mayli-Say-4 areas, which allegedly have natural gas deposits.

[Vladimir Petukhov, the press-secretary of Gazprom's affiliate company Zarubezhneftegaz] The Zarubezhneftegaz company will start prospecting in Kyrgyzstan approximately in March 2009. And we believe that we will find natural gas in Kyrgyzstan.

[Passage omitted: repetition]

[Valeriy Golubev, deputy head of the Gazprom company] We cannot say how much gas there is in Kyrgyzstan. We can only say this when the research works start.

[Correspondent] The Gazprom deputy head said that if they manage to find gas and launch its extraction at the mentioned areas, they will hire local workers. The company will also train the workers at Russian universities on its own account.

[Golubev] Of course, we will hire local residents. It would be difficult to bring specialists from Russia.

[Correspondent] Gazprom representatives believe that after launching the gas production, Kyrgyzstan will not only become self- sufficient in the energy sphere, but will also create jobs and improve the social situation in the country.

[Video shows a plant, a session, streets of Moscow]

Originally published by Kyrgyz Television 1, Bishkek, in Russian 1400 9 Oct 08.

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