October 13, 2008

Kazakh Ex-Capital Hosts International Oil Transportation Conference

Text of report by state-owned Kazakh TV on 9 October

[Presenter] The oil and gas sector is a strategic part of our economy, and development of the oil transportation sphere is highly important as well. The third international conference on oil transportation issues started in Almaty. The conference was organized by the KazTransOil state oil transportation company and the KazGiproNefteTrans [engineering company].

[Correspondent] Representatives of 60 oil transportation companies from 12 countries are taking part in the bi-annual international meeting. Foreign participants have come to learn the work of KazTransOil and to exchange experience.

[Yerbol Makhmotov, captioned as a senior manager of KazTransOil's technical department] The main topics of the meeting are the current state of the Kazakh oil transportation industry and prospects for its development. The meeting will also discuss technical and economic factors in preparating assessment projects in the oil transportation sphere and new oil transportation routes.

[Correspondent] KazTransOil plays an important role in transportation of Kazakh oil to Asian, CIS and European markets. A total of 45.6m tonnes of oil were transported via the pipelines of the state company in 2007, which is 2.4m tonnes more than 2006. Thus, the transportation capacity of the company is growing. The state company transports 60 per cent of the oil produced in Kazakhstan. Currently, the company is constructing another pipeline from western to eastern regions.

[Ferdinat Mamonov, captioned as first deputy director of KazTransOil] We started construction of the Qenqiyaq-Qumkol oil pipeline. The pipeline is to be commissioned in late 2009. This is an economically profitable project. The pipeline will deliver oil from western Kazakhstan to domestic oil refineries and China.

[Correspondent] The company also plans to construct the Yeskene- Quryq [South Caspian project].

Participants of the international meeting discussed introduction of new standards in the oil transportation sphere, preparation of projects, establishment of control over oil pipelines, and other issues.

Originally published by Kazakh Television first channel, Astana, in Kazakh 1400 9 Oct 08.

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