October 13, 2008

Companies and Markets: “Global Airport Retailing 2008 – Focus on Emerging Markets” Research Report Available Now

Companies and Markets announces the addition of "Global Airport Retailing 2008 - Focus on Emerging Markets" market research report to its portfolio.


While consumers in many countries are cutting back their retail spending in response to the worsening economic climate, no such restraint is being shown at airport retailers they continue to benefit from rapid growth in the number of air passengers and consumer enthusiasm for duty free shopping. This is particularly true in emerging markets, especially China, India and the Middle East.

Global airport retailing is now a $27.1bn market and the fastest growing channel in global retail aside from the Internet. While mainstream retailing is experiencing a slowdown due to the credit crunch and squeezed disposable incomes caused by the rising cost of living, growth in airport retailing continues unabated.

Though global airport retailing will see strong growth across different regions, the greatest opportunities will be in the emerging markets. Driven both by an expanding number of affluent travellers having reasons to fly and a growing culture of consumerism, there is huge scope for airport retailing in these increasingly prosperous nations.

The Middle East and Africa has been hugely successful over the past five years. Though a relatively minor market, with an 11.8% global share the Middle East and Africa region has grown rapidly. The Middle East and Africa airport retailing market was worth $3.2bn in 2007 and is set to remain the fastest growing market over the next five years.


-- Market sizes and forecasts (2002-2012) for airport retailing in Europe, the Americas, Asia-Pacific and Middle East and Africa.

-- Strategic analysis of the key operators in airport retailing including Aelia, Autogrill, DFS Group, Dubai Duty Free, Dufry and Nuance Group.

-- Additional market segmentation for duty-free vs duty-paid retail spending and spending by product group.

-- Special focus on airport development and retailing opportunities in China, India, the Middle East & Africa.

Reasons to Purchase

-- Understand the potential of this rapidly developing retail channel, the issues specific to it and the opportunities available to those that invest.

-- Identify the emerging markets that offer investors the greatest opportunities so that you can target investments shrewdly.

-- Use this report's reliable forecasts to quantify the rate of growth in airport retailing and benchmark your expectations against the market.

Published Date: 14/08/2008

Number of Pages: 169

The report provides a highly detailed and comprehensive 169 pages of analysis covering global airport retailing markets.