October 13, 2008

Why Uranium is a Hot Commodity and Why Russell Industries is Positioned to Experience Growth in the Present U.S. Economic and Political Environment

Russell Industries, Inc. (Pink Sheets:RUSL), finds itself in a unique situation in the midst of the current U.S. economic and political climate. The Company carries no long-term debt, excess inventory, trade debt and vendor obligations, which separates it from the multitude of U.S. companies that are not able to move forward because the present credit crisis is keeping them at a stand still and in many cases forces downsizing or worse. Russell Industries has acquired 255 unpatented uranium mining claims in the last two years and these along with its other assets are debt free which enables it to aggressively pursue new growth opportunities without the necessity of looking backwards. The Company's corporate structure is attractive to companies looking to merge or buy a publicly traded company that does not come with the financial issues that plague many private and public U.S. companies. Listed below are just a few reasons why Russell Industries can explode in the near future and our shareholder base can potentially see major growth with in the "Company" and the market place as a whole. "We believe that Russell Industries, has the ability to grow it's business in proportion with the needs of the United States economy, as our position is drastically effected by the issues in today's world, towards the consumers," states Rick Berman, President and CEO.

-- Growing demand for fuel for the world's expanding nuclear power capability will drive uranium prices higher.

-- Secondary sources of uranium are limited and primary uranium supply must increase to close the large and widening deficit between mine production and reactor requirements.

-- Growing demand for fuel for the world's expanding nuclear power capability will drive uranium prices higher.

-- Russell Industries has 255 Unpatented Uranium and Vanadium Mining Claims located in San Juan County Utah.

-- San Juan County, Utah, located in the "four corners" of Eastern Utah, is one of the most fertile and mining friendly uranium concentration areas in the United States.

-- In terms of underdeveloped uranium resources, Australia is the leading country in the world, but current political policies are likely to preclude the development of new uranium mines in Australia this decade.

The primary business the Company is engaged in is Uranium and Vanadium exploration and mining development. The present interest in alternative energy sources for the U.S. includes nuclear power which is driven by uranium. The only federally-licensed and operating uranium mill in the United States, White Mesa Mill, owned by Denison Mines and is located less than 30 miles from any of the four claim ranges owned by Russell Industries. Uranium began trading on NYMEX in May 2007.

The average weekly price in 2007 was $98.55 a pound, according to leading price publisher Ux Consulting. A survey of 16 analysts conducted over the last month produced an average mid-range price for spot uranium UX-U3O8-SPT of $106.90 per pound in 2008 and $91.90 in 2009, according to publisher Reuters.

Russell Industries, a Nevada Corporation, was incorporated in 1997. The Company is a holding company that will possibly acquire assets in the energy, mining, healthcare and financial industries.

Safe Harbor

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