October 13, 2008

TFS Energy Brokers Project to Offset Liberal Candidate Stephane Dion’s Canadian Prime Ministerial Campaign

TFS Energy, a leading interdealer broker and subsidiary of Compagnie Financiere Tradition, today announced it successfully brokered an energy efficiency Voluntary Emissions Reductions (VER) project between L2i Financial Solutions (L2i), a non-traditional corporate financing firm, and CarbonZero, a carbon offset retailer. The parties have signed an Emission Reduction Purchase Agreement to transact carbon offsets from a small-scale urban energy efficiency project in Montreal, Canada. The project initiatives include the replacement of inefficient gas boilers, energy piping systems and installing PV solar panels spread over 200 low-income residential buildings. The offsets will be retired by Liberal Prime Ministerial Candidate Stephane Dion, in a quest to bring his campaign to the status of "carbon negative."

TFS Energy is proud to have brokered this transaction, in which a prominent political figure brought to light the importance of managing the carbon footprint associated with a major political campaign.

About L2i Financial Solutions:

L2i Financial Solutions is a firm specialized in non-traditional corporate financing. They hold an expertise in the quantification of carbon credits by selecting, applying and elaborating quantification methodologies to quantify the emissions based on reputable international sources. In that capacity, L2i helps companies to count, quantify and accrue their carbon offsets.

About CarbonZero:

CarbonZero is the leading provider of high-quality, renewable energy and energy efficiency voluntary offsets and corporate greenhouse gas management services. CarbonZero projects produce measurable, verified emissions reductions that provide their host communities with clear environmental, economic and social benefits.

About TFS

Founded in 1985, TFS is a market leader in the brokering of financial and non-financial products. With offices worldwide, the Company covers currency options, equity and property derivatives, freight, precious metals, energy and pulp & paper markets. TFS Energy brokers a full spectrum of OTC energy and energy-related physical and derivative products, including electricity, natural gas, crude oil and refined products, coal, environmental products, weather derivatives, and exchange-traded futures and options. TFS Energy is a founding member of The Green Exchange (www.greenfutures.com). In Energy Risk's Energy Risk Awards, TFS Energy earned 'Broker of the Year' in 2008. In Environmental Finance's survey, readers voted TFS Energy in 14 categories, including 'Best Broker' in eight categories. In Energy Risk's 2008 rankings, TFS Energy was voted first place in 15 categories. In 2007, TFS Energy was voted 'Broker of the Year-Asia' by Energy Risk. In Commodities Now's 2006 broker rankings, TFS Energy was awarded 'The Energy Broker of the Year' for the second successive year. TFS is a subsidiary of Compagnie Financiere Tradition (CFT), one of the world's top three interdealer brokers in financial and commodity-related products with a presence in 26 countries and 2,250 employees. CFT is listed on the Swiss Exchange (Symbol: CFT). For further information, please visit www.tfsenergy.com.