October 14, 2008

Golden Jubilee of Geological Society

BANGALORE: Take Earth Sciences to the grassroots and broadbase its reach by making it part of school curriculum. This is the primary objective of the Geological Society of India (GSI) as it gears up for its golden jubilee celebrations to be held at IISc's National Science Seminar Complex on Sunday and Monday.

The celebrations also include technical sessions by geological scientists from India and abroad on the pressing earth science issues. Seven books will be released on the occasion.

GSI president Harsh Gupta said though Earth Sciences are integral to livelihood, but schools don't have it in the curriculum. At the higher secondary level, Karnataka has geology as an option but very few know about it.

"We are training teachers so that they can travel and make geology an interesting classroom subject. We are also publishing simple reading material - like 'Story of the Oceans' that was translated to 14 languages, including coastal dialects - so that people can understand what the ocean is all about," he said.

The society will institute an award in honour of Dr B P Radhakrishna, founder-member of the society, to be given to people aged below 35 for their contribution to Earth Sciences . The society will support the winner to take part in the International Geological Congress every year. The golden jubilee celebrations also include seminars that started in April and will continue till February 2009.

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