October 15, 2008

Examine the Chinese Fertilizer Market With This Essential 2008 Report

Research and Markets (http://www.researchandmarkets.com/research/ed2e23/china_fertilizer_m) has announced the addition of the "China Fertilizer Market Report, 2008" report to their offering.

Fertilizer is one of the fundamental materials for the development of the Chinese national economy with an output value accounting for 20% of the chemical industry. In the first half of 2008, along with the sharp price raise of energy and raw materials both at home and abroad, the fertilizer price also increased sharply. The fertilizer output reached over 30 million tons in China, up 5.9% compared to the same period in 2007; moreover, the apparent consumption amounted to more than 28 million tons with a growth rate above 5%.

In addition to the potassium fertilizer, China is a net exporter of urea and phosphate; however, since the implementation of the special export tariff, the fertilizer production has certainly been affected and the fertilizer export has been greatly reduced. Starting from September 1st 2008, 150% extra export tariff was levied on the urea, which would not only restrain the urea export in H2 2008, but also might reduce the prospective production capacity during 2009-2011.

Based on authoritative statistics from the State Information Center and the National Bureau of Statistics of China, this report makes an in-depth analysis of the status quo, development trends and related policies of China's fertilizer industry. In addition, it also analyzes the development of some key fertilizer manufacturers and predicts the future development of the industry.

Key Topics Covered:

1. Operation of China Fertilizer Market

1.1 Production

1.2 Consumption

1.3 Price

1.4 Industrial Policies

2. Operation of China Fertilizer Raw Material Market

2.1 Coal Market

2.1.1 Coal Output

2.1.2 Coal Price

2.1.3 Influences of Coal Price Rise

2.2 Natural Gas Market

2.2.1 Natural Gas Output

2.2.2 Natural Gas Price

2.2.3 Projects

2.3 Posphorus Ore Market

2.3.1 International Posphorus Ore Market

2.3.2 China Posphorus Ore Market

3. Development of China Urea Market

3.1 Supply and Demand

3.2 Price

3.3 Influences of Raw Material Price

3.4 Urea Export

4. China Phosphate Fertilizer Market

4.1 Output

4.2 Demand

4.3 Price

4.4 Productions

4.4.1 Global Productions

4.4.2 Production Distributions in China

4.5 Influences of Export Tariff in China

5. China Potassium Fertilizer Industry

5.1 Production Capacity

5.2 Demand

5.3 Price

5.3.1 Principle of "Production Based on the Demand" Abided by International Potassium Fertilizer Association

5.3.2 Railway Transportation of Potassium Fertilizer

5.4 Imports

6. Key Fertilizer Manufacturers in China

6.1 Qinghai Salt Lake Potash Co., Ltd.

6.2 Liuguo Chemical Industry

6.3 Sichuan Meifeng Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.

6.4 Shandong Luxi Chemical Co., Ltd.

6.5 YunTianHua Co., Ltd.

6.6 Liuzhou Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.

6.7 Hubei Yihua Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.

6.8 Sichuan Lutianhua Co., Ltd.

7. Development Trend of China Fertilizer Industry

7.1 Overall Trend

7.2 Forecast of Urea Market

7.3 Forecast of Phosphate Fertilizer Market

7.4 Forecast of Potassium Fertilizer Market

Companies Mentioned:

- Qinghai Salt Lake Potash Co., Ltd.

- Liuguo Chemical Industry

- Sichuan Meifeng Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.

- Shandong Luxi Chemical Co., Ltd.

- YunTianHua Co., Ltd.

- Liuzhou Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.

- Hubei Yihua Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.

- Sichuan Lutianhua Co., Ltd.

For more information visit http://www.researchandmarkets.com/research/ed2e23/china_fertilizer_m.