October 15, 2008

National Grid Starts Work to Improve Gas Network in UK

Gas pipeline company National Grid has started work to replace an old eight inch diameter metal main running along Comberton Hill with a new hard wearing plastic pipe, which will improve the gas network in Kidderminster, Worcestershire, UK.

More than 100 meters of the pipe will be laid along with new service pipes to around 20 houses and will ensure residents continue to receive a safe and reliable gas supply. The work is expected to be completed by the end of October 2008 after which the road will be resurfaced.

Paul Jones, National Grid project manager, said: "This project has been planned in conjunction with Worcestershire County Council to coincide with their road resurfacing program. We will be replacing most of the pipe using a process called insertion which means pushing the new pipe into the old one.

"This method greatly reduces the amount of digging we have to do and speeds up the work and reduces disruption. The new plastic pipe will bring long term benefits to the area. It is very hard wearing and, once laid, will last up to 80 years with little or no maintenance."