October 15, 2008

Stealthy Health: Organic ‘AppleBoost(TM) Energy Snacks’

CHURUBUSCO, N.Y., Oct. 15 /PRNewswire/ -- A new apple-based snack food, originally developed to fuel competitive athletes, blends its new-age nutritional ingredient so stealthily into organic applesauce that AppleBoost energy snack tubes can rival Halloween treats for taste, company officials say.

AppleBoost energy snacks were well received this summer by U.S. Olympians, and have already been picked up by dozens of major college football teams. But with an eye on rising obesity across all age groups, and Americans eating only about half their daily recommended fruits, vegetables and fiber, AppleBoost Products Inc. (http://www.appleboost.com/) is exploring ways to add its healthy snack to children's daily diets.

"The only way we're going to reverse obesity trends is to start with children," says Dave Copeland, President of AppleBoost. "And the only way kids are going to choose healthy foods over sweet or salty snacks is to make 'health' taste good. We've managed to do that with a portable fruit snack loaded with antioxidants that tastes good chilled, frozen or room temperature. In fact, we think we've come up with a snack kids would love to get on Halloween."

Food scientists at Cornell University set out several years ago to extract maximum nutritional value out of apple peel, where the bulk of an apple's dietary fiber, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties lie. The challenge was turning apple peel into powder without losing nutrients, so the powder could be used to fortify a wide variety of foods. That led Cornell's world renowned food scientist Rui Hai Liu, Ph.D., to his patented process of making dried apple peel powder (DAPP(TM)), which is being introduced for the first time in AppleBoost energy snack tubes.

AppleBoost snack tubes contain organic applesauce pasteurized with high pressure -- not the traditional heat pasteurization -- to preserve both flavor and nutrients. Dried apple peel powder, which is manufactured by Apple Bioacatives Inc. (http://www.applebioactives.com/) in conjunction with Leahy Orchards of Franklin Centre, Quebec, is then blended back into the applesauce.

Every member of the U.S. Olympic team departed for China this summer armed with a supply of AppleBoost energy snacks, a testament to both its nutritional value and its taste, according to Jim Leahy, co-developer of AppleBoost Products and founder of Leahy Orchards.

"Registered dietitians for the U.S. Olympic team were well versed on the illness-fighting abilities of antioxidants in apples, and in the anti-inflammatory properties that are abundant in apple peel," Leahy said. "But if AppleBoost tubes didn't taste good, I'm not sure they would have been chosen. Health is good, but without good taste, healthful snacks tend to struggle."

All-natural AppleBoost energy snack tubes come in squeezable, freezable 32-gram packaging with a two-year shelf life, and have only 30 calories. There are two flavors: Mango Peach and Wildberry. For now, AppleBoost products are only available for purchase in bulk at (http://www.appleboost.com/) on the "products" page. A mixed case of 72 Appleboost energy snack tubes, half Mango Peach and half Wildberry, is currently priced at $44.92, which includes shipping and handling. AppleBoost tubes are being sold to schools, hospitals, sports teams and other institutions in quantities ranging from 72-count cases to 12,800-count pallets. Most everyone will easily be able to order on line. To speak with someone about orders larger than one pallet, please e-mail [email protected] or call 1-877-326-6780.

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