October 15, 2008

Telvent to Implement SCADA System at Petroproduction’s Main Control Center

Telvent has announced that it will implement its supervisory control and data acquisition Oasys system in the main control center and production centers of Petroproduction, Ecuador's state-owned oil exploration company. The project is worth more than E13 million.

The system will enable Petroproduction to centralize management of its installations through one main control center located in Lago Agrio. This center will be connected to various systems distributed among the different substations, generation centers and oil production stations.

Telvent will handle preliminary and detailed engineering, development of the supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) Oasys control system, implementation and testing, as well as operational start-up. Telvent will also be in charge of the geographical information applications and personnel training.

Camilo Montenegro, vice president of Petroproduction, said: "This project holds high strategic value for the state of Ecuador, as it will optimize and control oil production, and automate the operation of the company's own distribution and generation electrical power system."