October 15, 2008

MST Signs Multi-Year Contract for Satellite Capacity With Intelsat

Intelsat, a Bermuda-based provider of commercial satellite services, has announced that US-based Mobil Satellite Technologies has signed a multi-year contract for satellite capacity that will enable the network operator and communications provider to expand its services offering throughout the US, Canada, Central America and the Caribbean.

According to Intelsat, Mobil Satellite Technologies (MST) uses capacity on its Galaxy 26 and Horizons 2 satellites to provide broadband connectivity for its customers serving offices, homes, mobile vehicles, disaster recovery mobile command centers, first responders and the military.

Mark Rasmussen, vice president of North America sales and network services at Intelsat, said: "Our Network Broadband GXS solution gives our clients the ability to manage their customers' networks across multiple satellites and regions using just one hub and provides them with an unparalleled ability to offer enterprise-grade, broadband connectivity, anywhere in the world."