October 16, 2008

KEMA Launches Retail Clean Energy Markets Service

Rising prices, aggressive policy change and large scale capital investment are all signs that point to a strong shift toward cleaner, smarter energy use. The initial momentum has been focused upstream, but the adoption of cleaner, smarter energy solutions at the end user level is now emerging. In response, global energy and utility industry consulting firm KEMA (www.kema.com) has launched an advisory service to focus on the business issues and market dynamics of clean energy at the retail level.

"The retail segment of the clean energy industry is clearly poised to grow. The opportunities and risks are evolving rapidly," said Hugo van Nispen, president and managing director, KEMA Inc. "Yet many in the industry are challenged to understand the specifics. KEMA's retail clean energy advisory service will help fill the analytical gaps, providing clients with a fact base and insights to guide strategy and action."

The Retail Clean Energy Markets advisory service (www.kema.com/retail_clean_energy) centers around five core sectors categorized from a customer purchasing perspective: clean grid power, clean distributed power, energy efficiency services, demand response and carbon services. The subscriber-based service includes: Clean Energy Markets, a monthly de-brief of industry developments; Clean Energy Outlook, an annual forecast of the retail market opportunity; Sector Profiles; admission to KEMA's annual Clean Energy Summit; and ad-hoc consultancy.

KEMA's Clean Energy Markets August report (www.kemacleanenergymarkets.com) features an interview with US House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, clean energy business opportunity scorecards for the Big 3 automakers, and in-depth articles "The Smartest Meter: Who wins, consumers or utilities" and "In the LEED: Looking beyond the hype to size real 'green premium' in commercial real estate." The September issue featured "Obamanomics: Sizing the retail clean energy impact of the Obama energy policy." The recently issued October issue covers new models for utility green power marketing, scorecards for investor-owned utilities and private providers in green power delivery, and an analysis of the retail clean energy impact of the Wall Street bailout bill.

The KEMA Annual Clean Energy Summit will be held March 3 - 5, 2009 in Houston, Texas.

About KEMA

Founded in 1927, KEMA is a global provider of business and technical consulting, operational support, measurement and inspection, testing and certification for the energy and utility industry. KEMA employs more than 1,700 professionals in 20 countries. The firm's North American consulting operations are headquartered in Burlington, Massachusetts. KEMA's global headquarters are in Arnhem, the Netherlands.