October 17, 2008

Suez Completes Pipeline Construction for Neptune Offshore LNG Facility

Suez LNG NA, a subsidiary of GDF Suez Energy North America, has completed pipeline construction for its Neptune offshore liquefied natural gas project.

The first phase of construction began in late July 2008 and included the installation of a 13-mile sub-sea pipeline that will connect the Neptune liquefied natural gas (LNG) facility with the existing Spectra Energy HubLine.

The second phase, scheduled to begin in early May 2009 and continue into September 2009, includes connecting the new pipeline to the HubLine and installing two off-loading buoys.

Upon completion, the LNG facility will consist of an unloading buoy system where specially designed vessels will moor, offload their natural gas, and deliver it to customers in Massachusetts and throughout New England.

The city of Gloucester will serve as the home port for the Neptune project, representing a direct infusion of over $10 million into the local economy over the expected lifespan of the project. This includes Suez's lease at the Cruiseport, where it will dock its support and towing vessel for the project, as well as lease storage and office space.

Clay Harris, president and CEO of Suez LNG NA, said: "We are pleased to have completed phase one of our project with the least possible impact to the environment and what we hope has been minimal disruption to the local communities. We thank area residents and local community groups for their understanding and support, and also municipal, state, and federal officials for their assistance."