October 17, 2008

BullMarket.Com Examines Whether It Is Time to Buy Natural Gas Stocks

PRINCETON, N.J., Oct. 17 /PRNewswire/ -- BullMarket.com (http://www.bullmarket.com/), an online investment newsletter focused on long-term growth and income-generating stocks, announced today that it has provided subscribers with investment coverage on several natural gas producers, including Chesapeake Energy , XTO Energy , Apache Corp. ,Pioneer Natural Resources , and SandRidge Energy , among others.

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In one of the reports, BullMarket.com wrote: "Slumping prices for natural gas combined with the credit crisis has pummeled the stock prices of two of the nation's largest natural gas producers, and last week, the head honchos of the formerly high-flying Chesapeake Energy and XTO Energy disclosed they sold millions of dollars worth of their own companies' stocks."

   BullMarket.com looked at the following topics, among others:     -- With natural gas stocks pummeled in recent months, is now the time to      buy?   -- At what price range does BullMarket.com expect natural gas to level      out?   -- Should investors be concerned about the recent stock sales of top      executives at Chesapeake and XTO?  What other CEO in the sector could      be forced to sell stock?   -- What helps differentiate Apache from other oil and natural gas      producers?   -- Which natural gas stock is currently BullMarket.com's favorite?     About BullMarket.com:  

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