October 17, 2008

Iran: Russia to Ship Nuke Plant Supplies

Russia will ship nearly 1,000 tons of supplies to the Iranian city of Bushehr to help build a nuclear power plant, an Iranian official said Friday.

Iranian Atomic Energy Organization deputy chief Ahmad Fayaz Bakhsh said that the impending equipment delivery by Russia is part of an agreement reached between the two countries, RIA Novosti reported.

The $1 billion Bushehr nuclear power plant is part of a 1995 agreement between Russia and Iran regarding the proposed site in the southern Iranian city.

Russian nuclear power chief Sergei Kiriyenko said in June he expected construction on the nuclear power site to begin in the fall.

Iranian officials expect the nuclear site to be commissioned early next year, but RIA Novosti said the power plant will be monitored by the United Nations as part of a standing nuclear agreement.