October 20, 2008

Gravity West Reports Assay Results of Massive Ilmenite Surface Samples, Averaging 42.08% Titanium Oxide and 52.73% Iron Oxide Totalling 94.81% From Saint Urbain Titanium Project

Gravity West Mining Corp. (TSX VENTURE: GRW) is pleased to announce that it has received surface samples results of massive ilmenite samples from the Saint Urbain Titanium Project indicating average 42.08% Titanium Oxide (TiO2) and 52.73% Iron Oxide (Fe2O3) with a combined average of 94.81% iron and titanium oxides. The samples were collected during a reconnaissance fieldwork program carried out from August 11-15, 2008. The purpose of the fieldwork was to assess the potential of the property as a titanium and iron exploration target, and to develop a phased exploration work program for bringing the historically reported 80 Million Ton (MT) resource to NI43-101 standards. During this fieldwork, different rock outcrops were observed, sampled and identified, including anorthosite which is an ilmenite host rock, and various tectonic features and trends which may potentially control the mineralization on the ground.

A total of 18 rock samples were collected out of which 11 samples were from massive ilmenite boulders and floats and the remaining 7 were from the representative rock units (anorthosite, granite-diorite, gneiss and limestone) on the property. Highlights of assays from massive ilmenite samples are presented in the following table.

 ----------------------------------------------------------------------- ---- Lab Analytical Method:                                            ME- ----------------------                    ME-XRF06              ICP61 Total                           ------------------------------------------- TiO2+              Location      TiO2 Fe2O3 Cr2O3  MgO  CaO Al2O3 SiO2    V Fe2O3 Sample   ---------------- ------------------------------------------------- ID       Easting Northing     %     %     %    %    %     %    %    %     % --------------------------------------------------------------------------- SU08-006  382466  5267643 41.83 51.73  0.15 3.72 0.20  1.88 2.41 0.14 93.56 --------------------------------------------------------------------------- SU08-007  382302  5267568 41.48 49.83  0.11 3.90 0.42  2.03 3.33 0.14 91.31 --------------------------------------------------------------------------- SU08-008  381500  5267364 42.05 54.50  0.21 3.05 0.10  1.12 1.21 0.15 96.55 --------------------------------------------------------------------------- SU08-010  381644  5267377 41.89 53.32  0.24 3.11 0.38  0.93 1.55 0.15 95.21 --------------------------------------------------------------------------- SU08-011  381753  5267398 41.03 51.05  0.23 3.12 0.61  1.71 3.43 0.15 92.08 --------------------------------------------------------------------------- SU08-012  381419  5267351 43.01 53.90  0.24 3.32 0.13  1.08 1.04 0.15 96.91 --------------------------------------------------------------------------- SU08-013  381149  5267327 41.31 53.07  0.17 3.08 0.28  1.47 2.00 0.15 94.38 --------------------------------------------------------------------------- SU08-014  381014  5267305 43.63 54.31  0.27 3.35 0.01  0.59 0.46 0.15 97.94 --------------------------------------------------------------------------- SU08-015  380798  5267280 42.96 53.66  0.21 3.32 0.11  1.17 1.20 0.15 96.62 --------------------------------------------------------------------------- SU08-016  380624  5267257 43.36 51.11  0.28 3.49 0.51  1.23 1.80 0.15 94.47 --------------------------------------------------------------------------- SU08-017  380408  5267241 40.32 53.53  0.12 2.82 0.27  1.75 2.51 0.16 93.85 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------      Average Grade        42.08 52.73  0.20 3.30 0.27  1.36 1.90 0.15 94.81 --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Datum: UTM 19 NAD 83 
Ilmenite is used for the production of titanium metals and titanium pigments. Titanium pigment has replaced lead in paint, paper and plastics applications worldwide.

Titanium metal, which is characterized by its high strength-to weight ratio, a high melting point and excellent resistance to corrosion is used in aerospace, military, industrial processes, desalination plants, nuclear reactors, automotive parts, medical devices, jewelry, eye glass frames and golf clubs.

The sample results show a general consistency in grades of titanium (range 40.32% to 43.63%) and iron (range 49.83% to 54.50%) oxides, and combined grade (91.31% to 97.94%) of both oxides. Undesirable constituents such as vanadium (0.15%), CaO (0.27%), Al2O3 (1.36), MgO (3.30%) and Cr2O3 (0.20%) are generally low.

There are a number of historical titanium mines and prospects located on the property and adjoining lands. The reported assays are also comparable to the reported grades from historical mines as shown in the following table.

 ----------------------------------------------------------------------- - Mine/Prospect            NTS       Host Rock     Grades ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Mine Fourneau            21M/10    Anorthosite   27% TiO2, 26% Fe ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Mine General Electric    21M/10    Anorthosite   29.2% TiO2, 27.3% Fe ------------------------------------------------------------------------ (i)Bouchard              21M/10    Anorthosite   40.23% TiO2, 39.01% Fe ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Mine Glen                21M/10    Anorthosite   38.29% TiO2, 43.06% Fe,                                                  1.68% SiO2, 0.04% P ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Furnace                  21M/10    Anorthosite   27% TiO2, 26% Fe ------------------------------------------------------------------------ (i)Dupont                21M/10    Anorthosite   33.60 TiO2, 31.10% Fe ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Mine Coulombs Est        21M/10    Anorthosite   29.70% TiO2, 26.60% Fe ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Mine Coulombs Ouest      21M/10    Anorthosite   32.80% TiO2, 29.80% Fe ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Mine Bignell             21M/10    Anorthosite   36.1% TiO2, 35.23% Fe ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 

Source: http://www.mrn.gouv.qc.ca/english/mines/quebec-mines/2005-06/2005-06.asp

(i) Prospect/historical mine located on the Property

Gravity West's limited sampling grades are comparable to Rio Tinto's Tio Mine. The Tio mine located 260 km from the saint Urbain Property near Havre-Saint-Pierre has proven reserves evaluated at nearly 75 Mt at an average combined grade of 86.9% iron and titanium oxides, including 34.2% TiO2, 27.5% FeO, 25.2% Fe2O3, 4.3% SiO2, 3.5% Al2O3, 3.1% MgO, 0.9% CaO, 0.1% Cr2O3 and 0.41% V2O5. The Tio Mine is the only producing iron and titanium (hemo-ilmenite) mine in Canada.

(Source: http://www.mrn.gouv.qc.ca/english/mines/quebec-mines/2005-06/2005-06.asp)

The samples were collected by Afzaal Pirzada, P.Geo., VP Exploration and a director of the company. Rejean Gerard, P.Geo. of IOS Services Geoscientifiques Inc., QC also participated in the fieldwork for one day on August 13, 2008. Sample locations were flagged and coordinates were recorded on GPS using UTM 19 NAD 83 datum. The samples were placed in marked poly bags, sealed with zap straps, and shipped to the laboratory under controlled conditions. A witness sample of each rock sample was retained and is available for viewing. The samples were analyzed at ALS Chemex Laboratories in Vancouver using methods ME-ICP61 (33 elements four acid ICP-AES), ME-XRF06 (whole rock package), OA-GRA06 (LOI for ME-XRF06), and PGM-ICP23 (Pt, Pd, Au 30g FA ICP).

Based on the results of this reconnaissance fieldwork, Gravity West has planned a phased exploration program for 2008-09 which includes airborne and ground geophysical surveys, detailed ground prospecting sampling and mapping, trenching and diamond drilling. Based on the exploration results, various metallurgical tests will be carried out on the drill core and bulk samples from trenches.

Livio Susin, President of Gravity West, says: "The assay results are exciting and become more prominent when compared to the grades at Rio Tinto's Tio Mine as well as historical results on the Property and other adjacent past producing mines and prospects. Results suggest the potential of the Saint Urbain Property as a viable titanium exploration and mining target."

Technical information in this news release has been reviewed by Afzaal Pirzada, P.Geo., VP Exploration of the company and a Qualified Person as defined in NI 43-101.

About Saint Urbain Titanium and Iron Project

Gravity West is 100% owner of the Saint Urbain Iron and Titanium Property consisting of 185 claims covering approximately 10,749.99 hectares in two claim blocks located south of Saint Urbain in the eastern province of Quebec, Canada. The Property is located 1.5 kilometres to the south of the town of Saint Urbain, which is approximately 130 kilometres northeast of Quebec City and is readily accessed via Provincial Route 138. The nearest seaport is located 11 km to the south on the St Lawrence seaway which services ocean going vessels and nearby rail lines for both freight and passenger service. Rio Tinto's iron and titanium plant in Sorel Tracey, QC is located 260 km south, via St. Lawrence Seaway.

The Eastern Claim Block on the property has historical resource of 80.45 million tons grading 10.9% to 44.5% TiO2 (Titanium Oxide) and 23.66% to 35.2% Fe (Iron) at an average of 40% Ilmenite, estimated on the basis of 35 drill holes and interpretation of gravimeter and magnetometer survey anomalies. These resource estimates were prepared by Titanium De St Urbain Inc., found in the Quebec Ministry of Natural Resources Report No. GM27753, dated April 20, 1972. The Western Claim Block is located adjacent to past producing titanium mines including Mine Bignell, Mine Coulombe, Bouchard, and Mine General Electric, which produced over 500,000 tonnes of ore. The company's strategy is to develop the Saint Urbain Project to a feasibility stage through a phased exploration program, metallurgical testing, mine planning and development studies.

Qualifying statement on historical resource estimate

The historical resource estimate for the Property cited in this press release was prepared by Titanium De St Urbain Inc. in 1972, and is found in a report submitted with the Quebec Ministry of Natural Resources. The resource estimate was stated to be as "probable ore reserve". The source of other resource estimates and grades were taken from Quebec Ministry of Natural Resources website. The Company believes that the estimate is relevant to an appraisal of the merits of the Property because the estimate was based on the drilling and ground geophysical survey data available at that time, and because there is no evidence of any subsequent resource estimation work on the Property. No more recent data on resource estimates are available in the public domain. No work has been done by a qualified person to classify the historical resource estimate as a current resource or reserve. The company is not treating the historical resource as a current mineral resource or reserve. The historical resource estimate should not be relied on.

About Gravity West Mining Corp.

Gravity West Mining Corp. (TSX VENTURE: GRW) is a Vancouver based publicly traded Canadian company focused on creating shareholders value through acquisition and development of advanced stage exploration and mining projects with potential cash flow in the near future, as well as taking early stage positions in uranium and other metals.

Currently, Gravity West holds key land positions in Canada's Ontario Sibley Basin (uranium, copper, nickel, and PGE prospect), Great Bear Magmatic Zone and Hornby Bay Basin in the Northwest Territories (IOCG and uranium prospect), Northern British Columbia's Red Chris Mine area (copper/gold porphyry prospect), South Maverick Property in Athabasca Basin (unconformity type uranium prospect), and Saint Urbain Iron and Titanium Project in Quebec.

The statements made in this Press Release may contain forward-looking statements that may involve a number of risks and uncertainties. Actual events or results could differ materially from the Company's expectations and projections.


Livio Susin, President & Director

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