October 20, 2008

Aviation Safety Leaders Converge on Dallas to Discuss Issues and Strengthen Safety Culture

DALLAS, Oct. 20 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The Coalition for Airline Pilots Associations (CAPA), consisting of pilots from Airborne Express, AirTran, American Airlines, Southwest Airlines and UPS, is hosting their annual safety conference in Dallas Oct. 21-22, 2008. Held at the Renaissance Hotel, this year's conference theme is "One Level of Safety," focusing namely on pilot fatigue and safety communications. CAPA is expecting 70 participants from the airlines in attendance.

"This Safety Conference represents an outstanding opportunity to discuss safety issues of importance to the 23,000 pilots of CAPA," said CAPA President, Capt. Paul Onorato. "Fatigue is an issue in today's environment of increased productivity and extended duty days. This conference provides CAPA pilots the opportunity to share information and experiences unique to their operation with the intent to improve safety throughout our industry."

Guest speaker will be Astronaut Hall of Fame inductee Robert L. ("Hoot") Gibson. "Hoot" commanded four of the five missions he flew including the first shuttle docking with the MIR Space Station. Having served on the Challenger investigation and contributed to the re-design of the solid rocket boosters, Capt. Gibson will be speaking on the safety lessons learned from that experience.

"The conference will bring together some of the world's leading experts in aviation safety from the FAA, NTSB, NASA, and Academia," said CAPA Director of Safety, Capt. John Gadzinski. "This safety council brings together key personnel responsible for investigations and safety management to further professional skills, share knowledge, and promote best practices in fatigue, investigations, and risk management. This event is an important milestone in our safety council's work as we continue to promote one level of safety for all commercial pilots."

CAPA is committed to promoting modern safety practices. We are currently working to address fatigue and runway safety issues, and promote vital safety programs such as ASAP.

CAPA is a trade association comprised of over 23,000 professional pilots. CAPA's purpose is to address safety, security, legislative and regulatory issues affecting the professional flight deck crew member on matters of common interest to the individual member unions. More information is available at http://www.capapilots.org/.

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