October 21, 2008

8Blend Expands Smoothie Product Line

8Blend has expanded its smoothie product line with the introduction of the Marionberry-Pineapple blend.

According to the company, the beverage line is now available at coffee houses, delis and cafes across the US. 8Blend products for home use will soon be available at natural food and gourmet grocery stores.

8Blend fruit smoothies now come in five flavor combinations: Strawberry-Banana, Strawberry-Banana-Blueberry, Pineapple-Mango-Banana, Mango-Strawberry-Raspberry, and Marionberry-Pineapple.

Scott Jackson, CEO of 8Blend, said: "8Blend uses only 100% real fruit. Our fruit is always vine- or tree-ripened. This ensures the maximum nutritional value and best flavor. The result is a naturally sweet smoothie, rich in nutrients and fiber and lower in calories, with no trans-fats or preservatives. Our new product offering adds another flavor combination to the variety of 8Blend beverages."