October 21, 2008

Vodafone Portugal Uses Splunk to Speed Up Incident Response and Problem Resolution

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 21 /PRNewswire/ -- Splunk, the IT Search company, today announced that Vodafone Portugal, a leading Portuguese telecommunications provider, has successfully deployed Splunk to support its Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) business with remarkable results. In its search for operational excellence and continuous improvement, Vodafone Portugal adopted Splunk to speed up incident response and problem resolution, provide transaction assurance, and access business information related to customer complaints and quality of service delivery. Splunk collects all the logs from their MMS infrastructure, indexes the data, and provides the information access, reports, and alerts that the IT team needs to quickly analyze and resolve customer issues and debug system problems.

"The deployment of Splunk was combined with the implementation of adequate issue-resolution procedures, and it resulted in the number of escalated incidents being reduced by 90 percent," said Paulo Carvalho, Network Services Support Manager for Vodafone Portugal. He highlights Splunk's ability to consolidate logs from disparate systems into a single view, which enables more efficient support processes. "Our time to problem resolution has dropped by 67 percent," said Carvalho. "As a result of our current success with Splunk, Vodafone Portugal is therefore considering the adoption of Splunk to manage other services."

"Vodafone Portugal stands out as the most innovative and customer-centric operator in the highly competitive Portuguese market," said Steve Sommer, VP Marketing, Splunk. "We are very pleased Vodafone Portugal is using Splunk to contribute to a more efficient IT operation and an improved customer experience, Vodafone typifies Splunk customers who quickly deploy and achieve rapid payback, and then expand their use of Splunk to other parts of their business."

One of the benefits of Splunk is the integration of all the IT infrastructure logs into a single, easily searchable system, which helps Vodafone Portugal improve service levels by better understanding thresholds and norms for transactions. If thresholds are exceeded, Vodafone Portugal IT staff can proactively act to avoid potential downtime and other potential problems. In addition to the benefits for IT operations, Vodafone Portugal is also using Splunk for security and compliance with privacy regulations, such as tracking the access to confidential information.

About Vodafone Portugal

Vodafone Portugal is part of the Vodafone Group, the world's leading international mobile communications group. Vodafone Portugal focuses on delivering total communications solutions to its more than five million customers and has a leadership position in terms of innovation, brand image and customer satisfaction in Portugal. Visit Vodafone Portugal's website at http://www.vodafone.pt/.

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