October 21, 2008

SaveOnEnergy.Com Celebrates First Anniversary of Commercial Retail Exchange Portal in Texas

DALLAS, Oct. 21 /PRNewswire/ -- Dallas-based SaveOnEnergy.com, a leading energy marketing firm, celebrated the first anniversary of their commercial retail exchange portal in Texas. Launched in October 2007, the first model of its kind in the competitive energy industry, SaveOnEnergy.com's exchange portal has given nearly 3,000 Texas businesses of all sizes the opportunity to receive direct competitive bids for their electricity service from competing energy suppliers.

"SaveOnEnergy.com's service took the stress out of finding an electric provider for my new business," said Metroplex-based small business owner, Susan Dequeant of Special Occasion Chocolates who used the service in August 2008 to lock in a 24-month fixed rate for her business. Dequeant cited the main factor in her purchasing decision was the quality customer service of the energy company's sales representative.

SaveOnEnergy.com's industry changing exchange portal allows for suppliers to compete head to head for the customer's business. Business customers simply log on to the SaveOnEnergy.com website, enter their business and usage information, and the information is then delivered real-time to each of the participating energy suppliers. The suppliers then evaluate the information and contact the customer directly.

"Cirro Energy has been a premier supplier on SaveOnEnergy.com's business shopping portal since its inception," said J.P. Schlensker, vice president of sales at Cirro Energy. "SaveOnEnergy.com's savvy small-to-medium business owners and operators are among the most knowledgeable in the buying market in understanding the positive impact the exchange portal can have on their businesses."

Recently upgraded, SaveOnEnergy.com's exchange portal now offers the added benefit of an automated customer survey system. The information gathered from the 45-day survey system provides suppliers with valuable market intelligence as to the decisions and purchases of the customer.

"Within the last year, our exchange portal has been extremely well received by suppliers, as well as the thousands of customers benefiting from the lower rates and savings," said Brent Moore, founder and CEO of SaveOnEnergy.com. "We're extremely pleased with the results of the exchange portal from the first year and plan to grow and enhance the portal's technology into year two."

About SaveOnEnergy.com

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