October 23, 2008

JetBlue Airways Opens Terminal-5 at JFK

JetBlue Airways has opened the new Terminal-5 at the John F Kennedy International Airport in New York.

Effective immediately, all JetBlue departures from the John F Kennedy International Airport (JFK) will operate from Terminal-5 (T5), as will all domestic arrivals and international arrivals that pre-clear US customs prior to arriving in New York.

According to the airline, the 635,000sqft terminal consists of 26 gates distributed throughout three concourses and includes a 55,000sqft central retail and concession marketplace. The airline said that T5 is designed to accommodate up to 20 million annual customers with up to 250 daily departures.

Dave Barger, CEO of JetBlue Airways, said: "From day one T5 will welcome more than 30% of JFK's annual customer traffic. The terminal is designed specifically with our customers in mind, and we have created a new standard in both comfort and service that everyone can enjoy."