October 23, 2008

Money4Gold Holdings Appoints Neil McDermott to Board

Money4Gold Holdings Inc. (OTCBB: MFGD) is pleased to announce that Mr. Neil McDermott has been appointed to its Board of Directors. Mr. McDermott has a long and distinguished career with particular knowledge and experience in the areas of land, capital and gold. He has a number of business interests in Ireland, the Ukraine and Estonia.

In Ireland, his business interests include an investment company dealing in equities, commodities and currencies, a property development business, a farming operation and directorship of Defacto Communications, a private software development company. He earlier served for six years as non-executive director of Celtic Resources plc where he actively participated in its growth and development until the recent successful takeover by mining major Severstal plc.

In the Ukraine, Mr. McDermott farms 10,000 hectares in the Ternopil region, and he is actively pursuing expansion plans. In Estonia, he has extensive property, farming and business interests as the owner of eight registered companies. His businesses provide significant employment in all three countries.

Money4Gold Holdings welcomes Mr. McDermott to the Board.

About Money4Gold Holdings, Inc.

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