October 24, 2008

TSA, Continental Expand Paperless Boarding Pass Program to CHIA

The Transportation Security Administration and Continental Airlines have expanded the paperless boarding pass pilot program to the Cleveland Hopkins International Airport in Ohio.

The program will allow passengers at the Cleveland Hopkins International Airport (CHIA) to receive boarding passes electronically on their cell phones or personal digital assistants, which will then be scanned by Transportation Security Administration (TSA) security officers at the checkpoint and eliminate the need for a paper boarding pass.

Each paperless boarding pass will display a two-dimensional bar code along with passenger and flight information that will identify the traveler. TSA travel document checkers will use handheld scanners to validate the authenticity of the paperless boarding pass sent to Continental passengers.

The new technology is expected to heighten the ability to detect fraudulent boarding passes while improving customer service and reducing paper use. TSA created the concept of how to scan the paperless boarding passes and Continental Airlines developed an implementation plan that involved encrypting the paperless boarding pass to ensure authenticity.