October 27, 2008

Energy Efficiency is the Only Way to Reduce Fuel Bills This Winter

NORWICH, England, October 27 /PRNewswire/ -- In the wake of news that more people than ever before will face fuel poverty this winter, experts are stressing energy efficiency action as the only way homeowners will reduce their heating costs.

With an average energy bill set to climb to GBP1406 in 2009 (from GBP676 in 2005), the Energy Savings Trust is encouraging homeowners to actively think about the energy efficiency of their homes and make energy saving changes.

In support of this year's Energy Savings Week, which runs from Monday 20th to Sunday 26th October, property expert Anna Ryder Richardson has teamed up with the Energy Savings Trust and Anglian Home Improvements, to create an easy-to-follow energy efficiency guide for homeowners.

The guide offers some important advice on how to take energy saving action and provides a number of simple steps that can dramatically reduce household energy consumption, reduce energy bills, increase the value of your home and at the same time minimise your impact on the environment.

Figures from the Energy Savings Trust suggest that if everyone undertook a number of simple measures including: Fitting energy saving light bulbs, double glazed windows, updating boilers, installing wall and loft insulation and ensuring doors are properly draught-proofed, UK households could reduce energy bills by over GBP270 a year and save over GBP1.9bn in fuel costs*.

Speaking about the guide Anna said:"It is quite clear that this winter we are all going to feel the pinch when it comes to paying our energy bills. So more than ever before we need to think about what steps we can take to make our houses more energy efficient. By making some simple energy-saving improvements, such as installing quality double-glazing or loft insulation, homeowners could really slash their costs whilst helping the environment at the same time.

"What's more, with the introduction of HIP's, the property market continues to be driven by environmental issues. Making your house more energy efficient will not only add to it's market value but will also make it more attractive to prospective buyers."

Melanie Russell, Head of Marketing at Anglian, said:"Making energy efficient changes, ahead of the winter months, could lead to savings of thousand's of pounds on future fuel bills. For instance, nearly a fifth of household heat can be lost through single-glazed windows. But installing good quality, energy efficient double-glazing can cut this heat loss by up to half.

"Homeowners can easily find out the energy efficiency rating of windows in the market. At Anglian we pride ourselves on offering customers the very best quality, most energy efficient windows available. That's why we fit B-rated energy saving double-glazing as standard, which could save you over GBP110 per year on your heating bills."

The Energy Savings Week energy efficiency guide is available to download free of charge on the Anglian Home Improvements website.


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