October 27, 2008

Oil Refineries Notified on Legal Claim Filed Against Subsidiary Carmel Olefins

HAIFA, Israel, October 27 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Oil Refineries Ltd. (the "Company"), Israel's largest oil refiner, announced that it has received a notification from its subsidiary, Carmel Olefins Ltd. (a private company in which the Company holds 50%, and in respect to which the Company has signed an agreement to purchase the balance of its shares as outlined in the press release dated June 25, 2008) (hereinafter: "CAOL").

   Under the notification-    - On October 23, 2008 CAOL was presented with a request for     the classification of a class action claim, as defined under the Class     Action Law - 2006, filed by Mr. Arye Bernstein, on October 5, 2008,     with the Tel-Aviv District Court (hereinafter: the "Requestor" or the     "Request", respectfully). The Request was filed with respect to non-     monetary damages caused, according to the Requestor, as a result of two     smoke emissions events which occurred on September 15, 2003 and October     5, 2008 (hereinafter: "the Events")    - The Requestor asks, in his Request, to represent the     citizens of the Haifa Bay area and those who were present in the area     (hereinafter: the "Group") and were exposed to the smoke emissions on     the said dates.    - The Requestor claims that each of the members of the Group     is to be compensated NIS 1,000 with respect to the damages claimed to     have been caused.    - The Request does not quote the estimated number of the Group's members     and does not quote the total amount that the Requestor claims needs to     be compensated to the Group.    - The Request argue to have been filed following the results     of the criminal process held against CAOL, under which CAOL was     convicted, at its own admission, in a revised indictment relating to     the events, by the Israeli Supreme Court.    - CAOL is currently studying the Request with the assistance     of its legal advisors.    

The Company is not able to evaluate the chances and consequences of the claim at this time.

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