October 29, 2008

ZAP Amps Up Line of Chargers and Backup Power for Mobile Electronics Retailers

US electronics developer ZAP (OTCBB: ZAAP) is expanding its Portable Energy line to offer mass retailers more "on-the-fly" USB charging options to recharge or power iPhone, iPod, BlackBerry, PSP, BlueTooth, digital camera and other mobile electronic devices in the car or at any household plug.

ZAP Portable Energy is adding two USB charging solutions to its Recharge-It-All line: the DC3 Universal Car Charger and the AC3 Universal AC Charger, which are now in stock and available for the holiday gift season. Combined with the R03 Micro Lithium Ion Backup Charger introduced last month, ZAP Portable Energy has a range of mobile rechargeable battery systems at http://zapportableenergy.com to keep mobile electronics powered up for business travelers or vacationers.

"The expanded Recharge-It-All line offers greater freedom for the 21st Century digital warrior," said Skip DeVine, Director of Sales for ZAP Portable Energy. "The Portable Energy line is compatible with a majority of mobile electronics and now offers on-the-fly USB charging in your car or at any AC outlet for phones, cameras, headsets and more. Now travelers need only take one ZAP Portable Energy USB adapter and leave all their others at home."

ZAP Portable Energy was created to offer businesspeople, travelers and mobile professionals a solution to keep their vital electronics powered while away from a standard electric outlet. The pocket-sized rechargeable lithium battery packs power or recharge hundreds of low-powered electronics, like smart phones, cell phones, PDAs, MP3/digital media players, digital cameras, camcorders, mobile GPS, handheld video games and more.

Now people can keep a ZAP DC3 (MSRP: $14.99) in the car to recharge their phone or other device and never worry about running out of power on the road. The AC3 (MSRP: $17.99) can go with you in your pocket or briefcase for 5 volt USB charging at any AC outlet. Travelers can use the DC3 and AC3 to charge up an R03 Micro Lithium Battery (MSRP: $24.99). A fully charged R03 with its 1050 mAh lithium ion battery can recharge most cell phones twice. Each Recharge-It-All device from ZAP Portable Energy includes a carrying pouch and four cell phone connector tips for compatibility with Motorola/Mini USB, Nokia, LG and Samsung. Visit the ZAP Portable Energy website for more information about adapters that work with less common devices at http://www.zapworld.com.

About ZAP Portable Energy

ZAP Portable Energy was created by electric vehicle pioneer ZAP in 2004 as a by-product of their research into advanced technologies for rechargeable battery powered vehicles, including lithium batteries. ZAP Portable Energy includes the Recharge-It-All line and iZAP line specifically made for iPod and iPhone. In 2008, 50 percent of the ZAP Portable Energy business unit was acquired by Mr. Eqbal Al Yousuf, Chairman of ZAP and President of the Al Yousuf Group, one of Dubai's largest trading conglomerates. ZAP and Al Yousuf plan to expand the market for Portable Energy in The Middle East. For more information, visit http://www.zapportableenergy.com.

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