October 29, 2008

SRI International’s Ripudaman Malhotra to Present Keynote Address on Practical Steps to a Green U.S. Energy Policy at Greentech Innovations Conference

SRI International, an independent nonprofit research and development organization, today announced that Ripudaman Malhotra, associate director of SRI's Chemical Science and Technology Laboratory, will deliver the keynote address at the Greentech Innovations Conference, in New York on November 18, 2008.

Malhotra's address will examine the steps needed for the United States to address the "Three E's" effectively: environment (including climate), economy, and energy security. He will examine the complexities of today's energy challenges, including potential problems that can arise when alternative energy is not part of a comprehensive energy plan. For example, do biofuels address energy security concerns, but then lead to disruptions in the food supply and environmental degradation?

Developing a practical energy policy starts with an understanding of the scale of the problem. According to Malhotra, "Given the scale of our energy needs, a realistic national energy plan must include all of our energy alternatives along with a comprehensive innovation plan to create the low-cost energy that our economy requires."

Malhotra will also present suggestions for a standardized way to talk about energy challenges. "Units such as terawatts, joules and BTUs mean little to the public and our policy makers, adding confusion to an already difficult topic."

To help address the confusion, Malhotra will propose that global energy usage is expressed in "cubic mile of oil" (CMO) units, a term coined by the late Hew Crane when he was a colleague at SRI. In his talk, Malhotra will detail how the CMO framework can help inform consumers and policy makers about the vast scale of the energy challenge, which no single energy source can address.

Expressing energy usage in CMO units provides a clear way for all energy sources to be compared. The entire world currently uses the equivalent of 3.0 CMO units per year. Approximately one-fourth of the total is used by the United States. If current trends continue, the world will be using over 9 CMO by 2050. Green technologies can help increase the supply side by developing affordable wind and solar energy, as well as reduce the demand side through increased efficiency and conservation. However, the scale of the problem is so huge that green technologies are likely to make only limited impact in the interim, and therefore coal, oil, and gas will not be replaced anytime soon.

"Renewable energy represents one of the major business opportunities for the future; however, our energy plan must also make renewable energy more economical through new technological innovations," added Malhotra.

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