October 29, 2008

High Priced Flying Nearly Double This Year

The percentage of high priced tickets on U.S. airlines have nearly doubled from a year ago, an industry watchdog group said.

Sabre Airlines Solution, after studying hundreds of thousands of tickets purchased for Thanksgiving holiday travel, said 3.8 percent of tickets sold cost $1,000 or more, USA Today reported Wednesday.

That's nearly double the percentage from a year ago, the newspaper reported.

The number of tickets sold above $900 also nearly doubled, Sabre Airlines Solutions said.

High priced tickets are "going to be the tipping point that's going to change travel," Susan Tanzman, president of Martin's Travel & Tours in Los Angeles, told the newspaper.

"If you think, $1,000 for four days, that's $250 a day. Is the family worth $250 a day?" asked Ithaca College marketing professor Michael McCall.

McCall said his family faced the high-priced fare dilemma this year. His son, he said, will not make it home for Thanksgiving, preferring the $1,200 that would have gone to air fare be spent on something else, the report said.