October 29, 2008

LumaSense Technologies Announces the Release of LumaSoft(TM) Multi Point 7850 Remote Control Software for Innova Gas Analyzers

LumaSense Technologies, a leading provider of temperature measurement and gas analysis solutions, announces the release of its LumaSoft(TM) Gas Multi Point 7850 remote control software for use with the Innova gas analyzer systems.

The LumaSoft Gas Multi Point 7850 coordinates the functions of one or more instruments to form a monitoring system that can perform user-specified automatic gas-monitoring tasks in up to 24 different locations. Measurement data is collected and displayed on the screen and stored in a database for online access by standard spreadsheet programs for further processing and statistical analysis. The software supports remote control of the following gas monitors: Photoacoustic Field Gas-Monitor -- INNOVA 1412, Photoacoustic Multi-gas Monitor -- INNOVA 1314 and LumaSense SF6 Leak Detector -- 3434 and up to two Multipoint Sampler -- INNOVA 1309 or up to four Multipoint Sampler and Doser -- INNOVA 1303. These Innova monitor and sampler unit(s) can be connected to the computer via the RS232 interface or an RS232 to an USB converter. The software is compatible with Windows(R) XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003. The LumaSoft Gas Multi Point 7850 is also supplied with a build in OPC Server to give access from an OPC Client.

Jesper Krogdahl, managing director for LumaSense Technologies A/S, says: "LumaSense Technologies is pleased to address several user priorities in the release of our LumaSoft Gas Multi Point 7850 software. With its intuitive user interface, anyone can set up the most complicated gas measurement task quickly, and then replicate and analyze the measurements for 24 measurement points if desired. This allows the full capabilities of our advanced measurements systems to be put to use more quickly than ever before."

About LumaSense Technologies(TM)

LumaSense Technologies is a global leader in providing quality sensor instrumentation to the clean tech, energy, industrial, and medical markets globally. LumaSense is an operating company with a strategy to acquire other leading sensor instrumentation companies serving similar customers with complementary technologies and products. LumaSense's acquisitions are industry pioneers with hundreds of global customers: Luxtron Corporation -- fiber optic temperature measurement sensors; Innova AirTech Instruments -- trace gas monitoring and analysis; Andros -- non-dispersive and dispersive infrared gas analysis; Mikron Infrared -- non-contact temperature measurement, thermal imaging systems and blackbody calibration instruments. LumaSense Technologies is backed by Oak Investment Partners, a leading multi-stage venture capital firm with a 28-year history and DFJ Element, a leading venture capital investor in clean technology.

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SOURCE: LumaSense Technologies