October 30, 2008

Hamankodenso Establishes New Company in Vietnam

Hamankodenso, a subsidiary of Denso, has established a new company, Hamaden Vietnam, in Hung Yen, Vietnam, to produce automotive sensors and solenoid valves.

Scheduled to begin operations in June 2010, the new company will have a capital of approximately $12.6 million and an initial investment of approximately $21.2 million. Construction is scheduled to begin in February 2009 and be completed by September 2009.

Hamaden Vietnam will create approximately 800 new jobs by 2012. Hamaden Vietnam will produce sensors for the ASEAN market, as well as solenoid valves for all markets, with the exception of Japan.

The sensors produced will include those used to control the air-intake volume sent to the engine, and the solenoid valves will be used to send vaporized gasoline from the tank to the engine. Hamaden Vietnam is Hamanakodenso's second overseas company, with the first being a production company in Indonesia, which produces horns.