October 30, 2008

Iberdrola Sells Tacoma Biomass-Fired Plant Output to Sacramento Municipal Body

Iberdrola Renewables has announced that the Sacramento Municipal Utility District has purchased the entire output of the 55MW biomass cogeneration plant under construction at a pulp and paper mill in Tacoma, Washington.

The biomass plant will be owned by the Simpson Tacoma Kraft Company, which will generate power from a combined heat and power process that consumes waste wood products to generate steam needed for power production as well as its manufacturing process.

The electricity will leave the plant from a Tacoma Power interconnection where Iberdrola Renewables will then manage delivery into California. First power from the plant is expected to be available in July 2009.

Peter Alderwerelt, senior vice president of Iberdrola Renewables, said: "This transaction allows everyone to do what they do best. Simpson is using its extensive experience in wood products to provide biomass fuel and operate the plant. Tacoma Power's quality infrastructure will connect the plant to the grid."