October 31, 2008

TGI Solar Power, European Estate Capital Partner to Build 10MW Power Plant

The TGI Solar Power Group and European Estate Capital, a regional solar developer, have announced plans to collaborate on a 10MW power station to be located in the Czech Republic.

TGI Solar and European Estate Capital have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) that outlines plans for co-operation in outfitting and installing all of the manufacturing capacity that is needed to make the solar plant operational.

William Lieberman, president of TGI Solar, said: "With its close proximity to the German market we believe that the Czech Republic is moving forward with all right financial incentives towards solar development.

"The Czech Republic has strong political support for renewable energy development, and has very high renewable energy feed-in tariffs which demonstrate the importance of renewable energy development to the government and greatly enhance the economics of renewable energy projects in the country."