October 31, 2008

Suez Energy to Meet 100% of Municipal Electricity Demand in Dallas

Suez Energy Resources NA, the retail energy business of GDF Suez Energy North America, has announced that the city of Dallas has selected the company to provide 100% of the city's electricity for municipal needs through December 2010.

Providing 100% of the city's load, Suez Energy Resources NA will supply nearly 2,500 of Dallas meters with an estimated peak demand of 225MW in the Oncor territory.

Suez Energy Resources NA will continue to supply electricity to the city's facilities where usage is typically high, such as office buildings, the convention center, and water utilities, as well as the city's non-demand meters, such as street lights and traffic lights.

Under the renewed contract, Suez Energy Resources NA will also supply energy to new meters not covered in the original arrangement. As part of its contract with Suez Energy Resources NA, the city of Dallas will receive 40% of its supply in the form of renewable energy, a critical component to the city when it initially signed with the company in 2007.

Craig Sutter, senior vice president of sales at Suez Energy Resources NA, said: "We are very pleased that the city of Dallas elected to renew its contract with us. We pride ourselves on the quality of our products and services, and it is because of these strengths that our track record is strong, the city of Dallas continues to look to Suez Energy Resources NA for the city's electricity needs, and the number of our municipal customers continues to grow."